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Slide To Fit jQuery plugin

Here is a little jQuery plugin that resizes an element to make it the right size for the content it contains.

* Slide To Fit jQuery plugin *
* By Matt Squirrell *
* Comes with no guarantees *
* Use it, change it, do what you like *
* Sell it if you think you can *
* *
* Just consider buying me a beer if *
* you ever meet me *
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* If you want to donate, please give *
* some money to the Cystic Fibrosis *
* Trust: *
$.fn.slideToFit = function(duration, callback) {
if (typeof(duration) === "undefined") {
duration = 500;

return this.each(function() {
var $elem = $(this);

if ($":hidden")) {
var oldHeight = $elem.height();
var neededHeight = $elem.height();

height: neededHeight
}, duration);

if (typeof callback == 'function') {
setTimeout(function() {;
}, duration);

Call it like this:
$(".myElement").slideToFit(1000, function() {
// finished sliding

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It will also serve as a central point for all the other things I have done that have found their way to the Internet - from strange MMO God-sims to a 'Choose your own adventure' maker.

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