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jQuery Best Length

Take a look at the carousel menu at the top of the page and you'll notice that although each object is the same height, they are all different widths. The more content they contain, the wider they are.

This is backward to how things normally work, as the width is usually predefined and the height of the element is generated by the browser. This isn't much good when you need something to stay the same height, like a speech bubble, say.

This little plugin throws your content into your element and keeps making it wider until the content fits into the height you specified.

It's easy to use, just set up your element in html:
<div class="resizeme">Hi! I am quite a lot of content! I need to be 40px high!</div>
and include the following javascript:
$(".resizeme").bestlength({'height' : 50});

That's all there is to it!

There are a couple of options regarding accuracy, and one to centre the text vertically (although this can bugger up styling, so use with caution - padding is a better idea).

Here is a very grey demo.

Using PHP for custom-font titles
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