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PHP Nowdoc String Enclosing

I always forget how to do this.

Sometimes you want to put complicated things with lots of quotes and double quotes into a string in PHP, say, if you were storing some Javascript. You could do it like this:
$my_javascript = "$('.someclass').click(function() {
alert ('\"someclass\" has been clicked!')

but eventually all those \" and \' would get confusing.

You can define your own quotes (sort of) in PHP, using something like the following:
$my_javascript = <<<'ASPECIFICTHING'
$('.someclass').click(function() {
alert ('"someclass" has been clicked!')

See how that works? 'ASPECIFICTHING' can be anything you like.

And now if I need to know the syntax again, I can just come back here. Excellent!

It's important to note that the closing word you have chosen must be at the beginning of the line, or it won't be recognised.

Here is the PHP manual page.

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